Sawtooth Brewery

The Sawtooth Brewery Story

Sawtooth Brewery opened on 11/11/11, after getting their permits 48 hours before, in downtown Ketchum, Idaho!  Making beer in a hotel was difficult but it the beer flowed there for over 4 years.
Founders Paul Holle and Kevin Jones loved beer, left their jobs, and thought Ketchum needed a brewery, so they went for it.  Sawtooth Brewery opened with a 20-gallon system with the IPA and Pale Ale on the wrong taps, so there was plenty of opportunities for growth and plenty of learning.  In July 2012, Sawtooth Brewery began leasing space at other breweries to continue their growth.  As they grew, they began bottling 22oz. bottles by hand and distributing in all of southern Idaho.

Our beers are inspired by where we live, in the heart of Idaho’s mountains in the Sun Valley ski resort area.  The Sawtooth Mountains, Sawtooth Wilderness, Sawtooth National Forest, and Sawtooth National Recreation Area are our namesake and are the headwaters of the mighty Salmon River and the many  public opportunities on our shared and protected lands.  Along with the rest of the land that surrounds us, we have access to all of our favorite activities that we long to do before having a pint.

For Sawtooth Brewery’s 4th anniversary party in 2015, Sawtooth Brewery announced an expansion that would take a year to complete.  The Sawtooth Brewery Public House opened in February 2016 at 6th and Main in downtown Ketchum and won Bronze for Best New Restuarant.  The brewing operations and tap room have both moved to Hailey, Idaho, where they continue to use their 20-gallon pilot system and a 15bbl brewhouse for production.  Sawtooth Brewery will can Sunnyside and Idahome IPA in December 2016 and bring Sawtooth Brewery to all of Idaho!


Paul Holle Head Brewer & CEO
Kevin Jones Business Director
Dave Custer Retail Director
Liz Clark Outreach Director
Doug Jenson Head Chef
Rob Curnutt Lead Brewer
John Anderson Wood River Sales Rep


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